I once thought I had to write she, her, woman and queen. But no. Wouldn’t work. I’m a man and I write as a man.

So these aren’t

simply men’s words for men, which women should rather not read. Everybody might enjoy the thoughts and poems and find themselves mirrored by them.

This book is about the School of Life. Sweet in the mouth, but bitter in the stomach! Without the sweet stuff however, would we be tempted to even approach it, Life?

I have spend some valuable time studying the bitter part of life. Now I wipe the dust from my feet and lift my gaze. In order to rule out any doubt: In the following, with the word King I address the Higher Spirit in you, not some ancient tyrant.

Good educated friends have expressed the need for sources, but I decided to do without them. This is not a scientific paper, nor a theological such. But anyway, feel free to check the validity of the statements and judge my conscientiousness accordingly.

Occasionally I cite the Bible because I thereby connect to known matter. If, eventually, some words differ from the ones in your Bible remember that although its name can be translated to something like The Book of books it has been through somewhat like a rollercoaster through these soon to be 2000 years with lots of different authors and a never ending multitude of translations and transcriptions.

Bestowed with royal frankness I write as best I can.

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