The peculiarity of the early development of the Nikitin family.

The couple Nikitin began to plan their paranthood upon marriage. Conception and birth should not be merely conincidenses. The earlier you start planning the active development, the better.
Nikitin developed training methods and educational games. These games have been popularized so far by various authors. Family fitness equipment is actively used and very radical exposure to cold and warmth, ostensibly to minimize various colds in children, and if children are sick – to do without medication. Boris and Lena have written many books to elaborate on this.
Boris Pavlovich Nikitin formulated a hypothesis which asserts that over the years a person loses the ability to develop (see also: Montessoris theory about sensitive periods and Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development). Effective development is lost forever. There are certain times and certain conditions for the most effective development. This applies to every person. The measure can be considered NUVERS asinhronat – the time gap between the «point» of maturation and the beginning of development. According to Nikitin, basic abilities are laid in early school age.
Conversations with the grown up children of the Nikitins, held in 1988, were described in detail in the book by the German journalist Marianne Butenshön. After 12 years, after the death of Boris Pavlovich Nikitin, a Russian translation of the book has been used in a highly distorted form, in the publication, presented as a fresh interview of 2000, without reference to the source and the actual date. As a result critical messages about the Nikitin family began to appear. Serious criticism from experts then followed. In 2011 the Nikitin family published their own site to promote their positive experiences with their parents and their upbringing. They are now actively developing these traditions in their own families.

In 2012, Nikitin had 27 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.

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