The empire goes crazy

The empire goes crazy | By Anselm Lenz

A viewpoint of Anselm Lenz, editor of the weekly newspaper Demokratischer Widerstand.

Starting Friday, the second lockdown is to be tested in Berlin. In the course of this, corrupt professional politicians will set off on forest protectors, house projects, the middle class and civil life. On Saturday, a civic silent march for human rights will march through the city.

The time has come: On Tuesday, the Berlin city government imposed a second «lockdown» on the entire population. The «Seventh Amendment to the Infection Protection Ordinance» is intended, among other things, to impose a curfew from 11 p.m. starting next Friday, October 9, 2020.

According to this, only five people will be allowed to stand together, and no more than ten people will be allowed to be together in closed rooms. This means that the metropolis and at night will be practically locked up. In addition, a «diversionary rule» is to apply throughout, which is intended to prevent accumulations, i.e. any form of politically unpleasant meetings.

How lobbying works in the propaganda media could already be observed in the Tagesthemen on Monday evening before the announcement of the Berlin ordinance: The citizen of Berlin health senator Dilek Kalayci (SPD) had been almost taken in the interview into the grief. The ARD propagandist Pinar Atalay called for tightening and even a kind of zone regime for Berlin with inner-city border controls between the Berlin districts of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and Mitte.

Kalayci is considered the weakest link in the Berlin state government, which tries to serve within the apparatus with anticipatory obedience and a corona hardliner course. She came under pressure against the TV-face Atalay, repeating again and again that Berlin is «not comparable with districts». For districts could be isolated from each other more often. – Rural residents should get upset about the city dwellers and vice versa until both are isolated and thank them for it.

Silence march and hundreds of people

The new «lockdown» in Berlin, with which the Corona regime in Berlin, which is considered rebellious, rolls the test run for the second wave on the federal territory, gives the regime the possibility of constant attack possibilities on the population with the police, which has been degraded to government and corporate militia. For the remonstration duty of the civil servants and the universal human right, a civic-minded silent march through the city on Saturday, October 10. It begins at noon on Charlottenburg’s Adenauerplatz.

For people whose home is the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, this will create a human connection: In the course of the announcement of the second lockdown starting on Friday, the Berlin Senate announced that it would have the alternative housing project «Liebig 34» evacuated on the day the curfew came into effect.

The tenement barracks in the building had been occupied by its former tenants after the end of the contract. The city gave up its right of first refusal. The new owner of the house, Gijora Padovicz, is considered highly dubious. After decades, the alternative housing project – which you can think what you like about it, at least people are sleeping in it – is now to be evacuated by a huge police contingent of 2,900 and heavily armed special task forces during the allegedly dangerous «pandemic» and an economic collapse of epic proportions, according to Berlin police spokespersons on Friday – as if thousands of terrorists were suddenly living in it, which is simply not the case, and the counter- demonstrations are not likely to be very extensive. The expected images are intended to inspire fear.

The hundreds of police officers from several German states sit closely together on the buses as they approach the station, and the expected clashes in a zone where five kindergartens and one school are closed for a day are certainly not beneficial to anyone’s health. Besides one sends further humans before the winter into the Wohnungslosigkeit.

It concerns thus something else. Large parts of Berlin’s professional politics are closely linked to a criminal construction mafia. With the corruption ruin of the Willy Brandt Airport BER, politicians like the former mayor Klaus Wowereit and the former senator for construction Peter Strieder have set themselves an international monument and a grave worth billions, and with the cultural building «Tacheles» they have thrown a piece of the culture of the turnaround to a mafioso clique.

In the course of the Corona regime, the opportunity is now to be taken to settle a few other bills. In the midst of all this, again on the subject of «Liebig 34»: Berlin’s Senator of the Interior Andreas Geisel (SPD), who managed to break up one of the largest democratic demonstrations in European history on August 1, in violation of the constitution, and on the same evening set off on the Berlin-Neukölln senior citizens and dog owners’ meeting «Syndicate».

The current attacks on all possible forms of civil life, on urban niches, up to the self-confidently established and upper middle class, pursue a goal, which, according to everything we have known for months, is unfortunately not a good thing. The Empire is in its final crisis and is waging war against the world population.

Antifa and forest protectors hoped for government and corporations

In Dannenröder Forst near Marburg an der Lahn, environmentalists built and occupied tree houses, sometimes for years, to defend the magnificent old mixed forest against the construction of the Autobahn 49. Under Corona, the activists faced the police in small groups last weekend. «Out of solidarity because of Corona,» as a spokeswoman for the environmentalists told the pro-government daily junge Welt. One had hoped that the Hessian floggers would clear the tree lovers in a more friendly manner, if one kept to the distance rule. The distance rule was created for this – and only for this. For control, isolation and the exercise of power.

It can be seen: Now the self-proclaimed Antifa has worked hard for more than half a year to defend Big Brother and his Corona story. Behind every bush a Nazi was lurking and Nazi was in the meantime everyone who had not been proud of the government and its Corona measures. A religious storm of redemption had captured even some of the proudest critics*.

For little money and under windy conditions, a few people, mostly professional youth from broken academic families, stood up to the democracy and fundamental rights movement, who voiced their doubts about the proportionality and philanthropic intent of the Corona state of emergency. The thanks for so much honor and loyalty of the government loyal (fake) antifa now seems to be nothing but the eviction of their completely harmless housing projects, symbolic environmental protection projects or musty corner pubs.

And with that we have actually arrived at the human being. Right, left, up, down. At the most fundamental questions of life, at the question of one’s own dignity and the dignity of all other people, the field of ethics opens up. The political color, the tradition, yes, not even the religious faith or unbelief are important here. In the most important moments, it is the place where politics is actually negotiated beyond the politics of identity of the iconoclasts.

This real politics would be necessary, for example, in many medical-ethical questions, even beyond the Corona regime, which would indeed have to be widely discussed and decided, such as genetic engineering and the use of technology in the human body, so that ghastly undesirable developments can be stopped and at the same time philanthropic rules and laws can make life easier and safeguard human dignity.

But whoever believes under the present conditions to be led into paradise by corporate leaders, whoever believes that the slogan «no border, no nation» has the slightest chance to substantially liberate anyone from oppression, is working towards a neo-fascist government and absolutist corporate rulers who are working on totalitarian oppression, indeed, have already established it. Or who wants to say now: «We are doing so well after all! Even though it is still hard to believe it is happening. It has been happening for half a year.

Sad figures

The Minister of Finance, Olaf Scholz (SPD), who is called «Scholzomat» because of his alleged calm and lack of imagination, announced on Sunday evening on the government television ARD that the federal election campaign in summer and autumn 2021 would take place practically under exclusion of real publicity – naturally because of Corona. Instead of discussions in marketplaces with a free audience, there should be «encounters». And by that he did not mean that country folk taking a deep breath and the city dwellers who always look mockingly at each other should rather shake hands while they still can.


Anselm Lenz is a journalist, book publicist and editor of the Democratic Resistance (DW). The weekly newspaper has grown from an informative pamphlet on the Corona regime to the highest-circulation weekly newspaper in the Republic before the end of April 2020. It reaches people who would otherwise be exposed exclusively to propaganda and, as a printed newspaper, preserves the oppositional voices of the time. It is dependent for it on donations to GB77 REVO 0099 7016 8700 94 or best as Patreon: