Yalta Conference II

Putin invites to a summit this summer. What could possibly justify calling it a new Yalta Conference

In february 1945 Stalin initiated the so called Yalta conference. Invited were the powers, that were about to win the war: United Kingdom and USA. They sat down and drew the new borders of Europe. They could do it, because it already was clear, how things worked out. The bloodsheed was not over, but the stage was set.

Now, surprisingly, a new russian leader has made the move and invited to another Yalta Conference. Putin has invited the core members of UN to a summit: USA, China, France and UK. The UN was created by these powers in order to instil peace after World War II. Now, 75 years after, Russia plans to celebrate extensively.

The link to the 1945 Yalta Conference is no secret. The Foreign Ministry of Russia seconds Putins invitation with the release of a collection of secret documents from the Yalta Conference.

Even speakers from the State Duma and Federation Council emphasize the importance of learning the lessons of Yalta’s history:

“If there is such an opportunity, I would like that we translate these priceless materials from those times that are today published by the Istorik Journal [Istoricheskii Zhurnal, 1937-1945)], into different languages and send them to politicians of those countries who are forgetting history to remind them about it one more time.

“Our President was perfectly right, saying … that contempt for the past and dividedness when facing threats can bring about terrible consequences and proposed that UN founding members gather again to protect the world and to discuss and resolve issues of security which is under threat now because many particularly forgot history, forgot about what Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin were saying, addressing the issues of the post-war order and creating an architecture that resolved all issues for more than 70 years…”

What could possibly justify calling the upcoming summit a new Yalta Conference? Valeriy Pyakin, an expert on international politics, elaborates on the topic in a video from 1. march 2020.

In short this is his message:

In many ways we are in a semilar situation now as back then in 1945. The war is not over, but the stage is set. It is a war between the Globalists and the nation states. Each actor in the war knows their own current position and the outcome is very much given. Hence a conference can be initiated and the outlines of how the world can become, when the dust has settled, can be held.

The Globalists are not eager to partake. Actually they want to ignore it, because they are the loosing part. Interestingly Macron, on behalf of France, is eager at this point.

And let us be clear about it: As the outcome is already defined, each nation state can join and benefit from the first moment, or they can resist and let the population pay with their blood.

The Globalists have tried to redefine Europe into a new islamic califate. They have tried to eradicate the peoples of Europe and open the borders for peoples from the arab world.

This plan is now destroyed. The future of this new califate is sealed. It is stone dead.

If the european states accept the help from the new Yalta Conference participants, the recreation of the nation states can happen relatively calm, and we will help, stay asured!

If the european states resist, the islamic califate will still be dismounted, but obviously this will look a lot more like a civil war with lots of suffering and death.