About …

One night at the riverside, a desolate nowhere in South Africa, a wanton raven sat and chatted for his mate. It was so eager that its tongue is easy to see in the picture, although the backlight makes it duotone.

This very telling raven reminds me of Hugin and Munin. According to the legend they were always out there, gathering the knowledge, which Odin needed. They were his extended eyes and ears, so to speak.

The world is a stage. We all play a role in the big game.

Some play golf. Others love.

Still others prefer chess. They are in a way the most important for this page. They act an long terms, trying to control the actions and efforts of other peoples by twisting and restaining knowledge; and by placing traps. For knowledge is power. We can not take into account, what we dont know.

This site is not the voice of a any party or group. It is my knowledge and belief, as I see and understand the world. To you, so you can take more responsibility, make better choices and get more control of your world; For the benefit of everyone.

Ole Blente

Ravn Svart